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Background :

We have been specialized in yellow noodles manufacturing business for more than 20 years in Ipoh and our house brand product “KRIS MEE” is well known and trusted brand in Perak. We began as a home-based hand made yellow noodles manufacturer which only supplied yellow noodles to local district needs.

Today, our production line has shifted to a factory shop and the manufacturing process is fully automated with minimum human intervention. Our products are produced under hygience conditions with quality control and are certified with HALAL .

Moving forward, we are doing research & study and seeking opportunities to expand and bring the noodle business to another new milestone. At the age of keen competition,we will constantly improving the production line, marketing scheme, noodle quality and make any necessary adjustments to meet the ever-changing market needs .


Vision :

To be the most popular and reliable brand of variety noodles supplier in Malaysia.


Mission :

To produce healthy, delicious and premium quality yellow noodle with reasonable price by selecting premium raw materials to ensure that our customers will always enjoy the best quality of yellow noodle.


Product & Production Line :

Our yellow noodles are fresh, simply delicious with smooth texture and different from other brands due to our unique ingredients formula preparation. We use premium quality grade raw ingredients in our manufacturing process to ensure that our customers get the superior grade and delicious yellow noodles which has no preservatives and no boric acid which is harmful to the body.

Our product has different packaging size ranging from 450g, 500g, 1KG and 3KG . Our sales network covers hawkers, restaurants, mini market and wet market in Ipoh, Sitiawan and Teluk Intan . We are now seeking the opportunities to expand our sales to supermarkets. Since we are specialized in yellow noodles manufacturing,hence, we are able to meet any unexpected increase in the orders at any time. Even during festive seasons, we are able to deliver our noodles on shcedule every year.


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